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SMS campaigning (short message service campaigning) is basically spreading promotional messages regarding your product or maybe about a new offer in place related to your business.

SMS Marketing in Kozhikode

SMS campaign, these messages are permission-based. Customers will initially have to opt-in by replying with a shortcode and once the reply is positive their number will be included in your texting database. Text messages are just perfect to notify people of any immediate offers. Additionally, text messages can be used to send reminders for upcoming events and engage customers by collecting their opinions.

Bulk SMS Providers in Kozhikode

Text messages have higher open rate than emails. Hence the chances of your messages to get ignored is minimal. An SMS campaign is probably the easiest way to increase your customer base in Kozhikode.

Our SMS campaigning services in Kozhikode

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  • Opt-ins
  • Promotional SMS
  • Sending, receiving, and handling bulk SMS in Kozhikode
  • To-the-point content creation for SMS

Benefits of SMS campaigning

  1. High Open Rate
  2. Compared to emails, SMS has substantially high open rate. There are chances that poeple never open an email but chances of an SMS being read is very low. People almost always carry their phones with them and usually text notifications are never turned off. Hearing a buzz in their pocket will naturally prompt the user to have a look at the text message just arrived.

  3. Short messages
  4. Well ! You don't have to strain the creative side of yours much as SMS is always short and precise. People don't have to go through a whole lot of content to get what you are trying to say through an SMS.

  5. Vast Market Potential
  6. You just have to think about the number of mobilephone users in the world now and you would realize how vast the market is SMS campaigns give you instant access to this mammoth market in Kozhikode.

  7. High Conversion Rate
  8. Whether it be a promotional SMS or an SMS regarding a contest, action taken is comparatively more than any other marketing strategy.

  9. Delivered Instantly
  10. You don't have to wait for ages to reach the users. It is only a matter of few seconds before the user receives an SMS you sent. There are other marketing strategies which are fast but nothing compares to the speed of an SMS.

Following is a list of top free SMS marketing websites:

  • 160BY2

Sms Campaign Companies & Sites in Kozhikode

Bulk SMS Marketing in Kozhikode, is basically spreading promotional messages regarding your product or maybe about a new offer in place related to your business.Text messages are just perfect to notify people of any immediate offers.

Kozhikod is a metropolitan city in the country of Kerala in southern India on the Malabar Coast. Calicut is the biggest metropolis region in the state and 192nd biggest metropolis vicinity in the world. two During classical antiquity and the Middle Ages, Kozhikode used to be dubbed the "City of Spices" for its position as the main buying and promoting factor of jap spices. Cyberpark, is a Government of Kerala organisation planned to build, operate and manage IT parks for the promotion and development of investment in IT and ITES industries in Malabar region of Kerala and will be the third IT hub in the state of Kerala. There are over 40 IT companies in modern times running in and around Kozhikode, in different locations. The KINFRA Park at Kakkancherry has accommodated 16 companies. The NIT, Kozhikode has incubated about 14 companies. There are two professional companies Kozhikode IT initiative and Caffit, who arrange IT associated seminars and workshops in affiliation with NASSCOM and KSITM. It is interesting to observe that NASSCOM had most wide variety of such activities prepared in Kozhikode, compared to the different cities in the State.

Many IT software companies are working in Kozhikode, nest soft is on hand for these corporations as it requires IT services. there are moreover offerings like web design, digital marketing, technical education and software services. There are hundreds of Companies close to nellokode, palayam, nadakkave and kakkanchery related IT area, List of companies that provide services are listed below

Seo/Digital Marketing Companies in Kozhikode

  1. WebNamaste
    Address: WebNamaste, #1512, CAFIT Square, HiLITE Business Park, NH-17 Byepass, Palazhi Kozhikode (Calicut), India 673014
    contact: 0495 655 5443,website:www.webnamaste.com

  2. The Loudspeaker - Digital Marketing Agency
    Address: 4Th Floor, Simax Tower,, Vandipetta, Nadakavu, Kozhikode, Kerala 673011
    Phone: 088910 40408,website:www.dloudspeaker.com

  3. Mizzle
    Address: Sithara Arcade, East Nadakkavu, Kozhikode, Kerala 673011
    mobile: 0495 405 4885,website:www.mizzleweb.com

  4. Weberge
    Address: UL Cyber park, Special Economic Zone, Nellikode, Kozhikode, Kerala 673016
    Phone: 090612 61122,website:www.weberge.com,website:

  5. Greenlemon
    Address: 6/1131, G-1, First Floor, Westend Mall, Cherooty Road, Kozhikode, Kerala 673032
    Phone: 088918 26068,website:www.greenlemon.in,website:

  6. Brahmasuthra Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Address: Premier Building, Annie Hall Road, Near Railway Station, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673001
    contact: 099476 21866,website:www.brahmasuthra.com

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