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Nestsoft offers Placement Management software system in Aurangabad. Our recruitment software helps to schedule interviews with candidates and to monitor the interview status of candidates whether they are shortlisted, selected, appointed etc. It records the interview details so that follow up with the companies and candidates can be done effortlessly. Placement/manpower planning software system facilitates the user to access the database through any device like a mobile, PC, laptop etc at anytime anyplace. It permits you to effectively control all the operations and to coordinate all the activities in your placement consultancy & its branches resulting in smooth functioning. This is an ideal software system solution which integrates for all your placement activities. We also provide Business Apps, Task Management Apps, top scheduling Apps for placement consultancies in Aurangabad.

Placement Software Services in Aurangabad

Recruitment is a dedicated service of assigning the correct candidates to the specific clients. For that, the recruitment group should have an awareness regarding the potential of candidates and confirm if he/she can meet the needs of the company. Also, the recruitment agency should provide the best service to each the client and candidate. An online recruitment website should be capable of handling a large database with data of thousands of users and bulk SMS service is an extra advantage. A placement companion or recruitment database software can do these assignments.

We are proud to introduce this unique recruiting software in India like job posting, resume posting, resumes shortlisting, interview scheduling, payment management, branch coordination, manpower placement etc.. This package is completely for placement agencies and placement consultants in Aurangabad, India.

Benifits of Placement Software:

  • Better organization
  • Cost Effective
  • Automated Administration
  • Quicker Response
  • Complex Calculations Abilities

Manpower/Recruitment/ HR Software in Aurangabad

  1. HR makes the recruitment process easy for you. Quickly text a candidate or client, or bulk SMS your temps. Outgoing and incoming messages are saved and logged. This helps you to Cut down on the costs of phone calls and save valuable time and you can make the placement faster.
  2. Get your vacancy known to the world via seamless two-way integration with your website, job boards and social media channels that candidates are using. Attract the right candidates fast. Allow this Placement Partner do the work for you.
  3. Placement Partner's cloud recruitment software can be your digital diary with everything from interviews to follow-ups to birthdays on one screen. We've engineered it to make your working life that much easier, and to ensure your clients receive only the best in customer service.
  4. There are also many other features and tools provided by Placement. These include reports (all reports can be exported into Excel), customs documents, bulk SMS'ing (to which recipients can reply), an electronic diary and the ability to customize your system to suit your specific needs.
  5. Time and date stamps together with consultant notes result in a comprehensive client record. Consultants can set reminders to follow up on certain tasks and tick them off as they complete them. The system can generate reports specific to an account manager or a client, detailing the interaction with specific contacts at the client to manage the relationship more effectively.
  6. The Vacancy Management module allows you to manage all the vacancies (or Job Specs) in your company in one place. You are able to create client specific vacancies for temp, perm or contract positions. Each vacancy type follows a 'step by step' process and minimizes your admin to ensure quick turn around times. As the vacancy process is documented in our cloud recruitment software detailed reports are readily available.
  7. The Candidate Database stores detailed records of each of your candidates. Once candidates are in your database, you can perform detailed searches, automatically match them to job specs, automatically generate CV's in your company format, send them SMS'es and much more.The Candidate Database also allows you to store files, such as original CV, copy of qualifications or copy of ID, with each record.

Placement Agencies in Aurangabad

Placements, a word that gets the attention of every job seekers, it is another identity of an institute but arranging and managing a successful placement event is necessary because good management can lead you to success. Nestsoft ERP provides fully automated placement facility for managing entire placement related activities. Create/Edit/Delete placements, View previous year's placements, Track placement status, Announce new placement, Students can apply for the placement online, Placement officer can accept or reject the application online.

Our Major Attractions:

  • Student Lifecycle Management
  • Role-based secure access control
  • Customizable Reports
  • Employer Membership Management
  • Placement Software Companies & Sites in Aurangabad

    Nestsoft offers the most comprehensive Placement software in Aurangabad which helps to enhance the Manpower/Recruitment/ HR Software in Aurangabad and reputation of educational institutions and increase enrollment with correct placement data, scheduling, customs reports, notifications and events.

    The name is derived from the Mughal ruler, Aurangazeb. Its ancient history dates back up to the eras of Buddhism, but the modern history of Aurangabad is traced back to 1610. The Buddhist caves in Aurangabad and Ellora are the clear evidence of strong Buddhism influence and influx around the city in earlier times.A prime minister of the Muslim Kingdom of Ahmednagar, Malik Ambar established a town at a village called Khirki. Later, his son Fateh Khan named the town as Fatehpur in 1626. Mohammad Bin Tughlaq tried to switch over the capital of his Delhi sultanate to Fatehpur in 14th century keeping in mind the strategic location of the town. The town was at the centre of India, and the region was considered the safest from the marauding armies of the Afghan and Central Asian raiders.When Aurangazeb took over the Deccan kingdoms, he changed the name of the town to Aurangabad in 1653. Aurangazeb used the town as the strategic point to suppress the rising power of Shivaji. Aurangabad was taken over by the Nizam of Hyderabad after the death of Aurangazeb in 1707 that retained control till it was merged with Maharashtra in 1956.The current day Aurangabad offers a wonderful opportunity to step back to past history more IT industry and development. Ajanta and Ellora caves and Bibi-Ka-Makbara bring back the visitors to the past history of the town.

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